Inclusion of gratings

Simulating imaging systems which include grating elements is a necessary task with practical applications: for instance, to model the behaviour of wafer inspection systems. VirtualLab Fusion facilitates the exercise through its fast physical optics approach, allowing for

  • the inclusion of gratings in high-NA systems
  • the consideration of realistic diffraction efficiencies
  • automatically taking into account vectorial effects
  • dealing with holographic optical elements and volume gratings

in both ray and physical optics simulations.

Optical system for inspection of micro-structured wafer
Optical system for inspection of micro-structured wafer

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

Ray tracing and physical optics simulation of an optical system for the inspection of microstructured wafers. Both the dot diagram and EM field (including intensity) are shown at different planes in the system.

Investigation of the reflection efficiency of a volume grating via rigorous simulation. 

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