Inclusion of Gratings

Simulating imaging systems which include grating elements is a necessary task with practical applications: for instance, to model the behaviour of wafer inspection systems. VirtualLab Fusion facilitates the exercise through its fast physical optics approach, allowing for

  • the inclusion of gratings in high-NA systems
  • the consideration of realistic diffraction efficiencies
  • automatically taking into account vectorial effects
  • dealing with holographic optical elements and volume gratings

in both ray and physical optics simulations.

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

A complete wafer inspection system including high-NA focusing effect and light interaction with microstructures is modeled, and the formation of image is demonstrated.

Rigorous Simulation of Holographic generated Volume Grating

A holographic volume grating is analyzed by using the Fourier modal method. Both the spectral and angular properties are presented.

The polarization-dependent properties of ultra-sparse dielectric nanowire grids are analyzed by using the Fourier modal method (FMM).

A slanted grating optimized with the rigorous Fourier modal method to achieve high diffraction efficiency for the sake of incoupling into light guide structures.

Related Information

Find additional information in the following selected samples:

In the VirtualLab’s Grating Software Package grating structures can be configured by using a stack. In this use case the configuration of grating structures based on media is explained.

With the perfectly matched layers (PMLs) technique, the interaction between a focused Gaussian beam and nanocylinders with varying diameters is investigated.

The analysis of the diffraction efficiencies of gratings is the typical modeling task with gratings. The efficiencies follow from the Rayleigh coefficients. Both quantities are given for each of the diffraction orders of a grating.

Coated slanted gratings can be specified easily within VirtualLab. This use case explains the available options for the customization of slanted gratings.

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