Pattern Generation

Pattern generation plays a fundamental role in modern technological advances. Their ability to scan the three-dimensional space makes then an invaluable tool with numerous applications, 

  • in medicine
  • for augmented-reality devices
  • in metrology and measurement
  • as an aid in fabrication and manufacturing

among others. VirtualLab Fusion constitutes a great tool to model, analyze, design and optimize the beam splitting elements necessary for pattern generation devices, taking into account the highly non-paraxial nature of the exercise, including a rigorous model for the efficiencies of the diffraction orders, and with the capability to analyze the role of the beam splitting component in a larger, more complex optical system. 

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in following selected samples:

A two diffractive beam splitter system for high-NA pattern generation is designed with IFTA, and the system performance is investigated, especially with the non-paraxial splitter analyzed by using FMM.

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