Scanning Systems

Laser scanning systems enable the dynamic positioning of laser beams using moveable optics. Typical applications of such systems are:

  • laser material processing
  • laser projection
  • 3D object scanning
  • barcode readers

The software VirtualLab Fusion provides ray tracing as well as physical optics based simulation techniques for laser scanning systems. Typical lens aberrations like field curvature and distortion can be computed. It is also possible to perform a highly precise investigation of the beam size and beam profile including diffraction effects. The combination of VirtualLab’s parameter coupling tool with the flexible positioning concepts allows the simulation of very complex setups of scanner optics. Design and tolerancing of laser scanning systems are enabled by the parametric optimization and parameter run tools of VirtualLab Fusion.

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in following selected samples:

A scanning system consisting a dual-axis galvanometer and an aspherial focusing lens is modeled, with the rotation of the mirrors taken into simulation as in the practical case.

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