Crystal Modeling

VirtualLab Fusion provides the tools to analyze effects of  

  • polarization and
  • birefringence

in uniaxial and biaxial crystals. 

Birefringence is a common property of optical crystal materials, whose refractive index is dependent on the direction and polarization of light. This forms the working principle of many polarization-/phase-/direction-manipulating optical devices. VirtualLab Fusion provides the modeling techniques for crystal slabs/rods with general optical anisotropy, which includes both uniaxial and biaxial cases with arbitrarily oriented optic axis. In addition to natural birefringence, stress-induced birefringence is often worth paying attention to in practice. Furthermore, VirtualLab also enables the conversion from measured stress to induced birefringence, from which the possible influence on the optical system can be analyzed.

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in following selected samples:

Conical Refraction in Biaxial Crystals

With the fast-physical-optics simulation technique in VirtualLab, conical refraction from a KGd crystal is demonstrated.

Polarization Conversion in Uniaxial Crystals

The conversion of polarization of a linearly polarized light in calcite crystal is demonstrated in VirtualLab.

The stress-induced birefringence in a YAG crystal is investigated, by examining the change of output field with respect to the strength of stresses.

By using an idealized non-paraxial polarizer model, the interaction of a polarizer with incident wave from different angles is investigated, and the results are characterized by Stokes parameters.

To model polarizer used in non-paraxial cases, an idealized model is implemented in VirtualLab, and the effect of a polarizer in the focal region is presented.

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