LightTrans International GmbH
TCF (Technologiecenter Felsenkeller)
Eingang B / entrance B
Kahlaische Str. 4
D-07745 Jena

Phone: +49.3641.53129-50
Fax: +49.3641.53129-01
info (at)


How to find us

  • located southwest of the city center (15 min. walking distance from city center)
  • 10 min. walking distance from train stations Jena Paradies and Jena West
  • tram from city centre: No. 2 (direction Winzerla)
  • tram stop “Felsenkeller”, office building is across the street
  • parking at venue is restricted, please park at public parking lot 1 min. away at “Justizzentrum”, Felsenkellerstraße


More travel information

  •  Download map of bus and tram lines in Jena

  • Travelling by train:
    • train station “Jena Paradies” (when travelling from north to south)
    • train station “Jena West” (when travelling from west to east)
  • Airports and travel time to Jena
    • Leipzig-Halle: 0,75 h
    • Nürnberg: 2 h
    • Berlin: 2,5 h
    • Munich: 3 h  
    • Frankfurt(Main):3 h

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LightTrans GmbH

Phone +49.3641.53129-50

info (at)


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