Beam delivery

The design of refractive lens and mirror systems is the basis for laser beam control, including: 

  • collimation  
  • focusing 
  • beam expanders
  • beam guidance 
  • laser scanners
  • transversal beam shaping 

The software VirtualLab Fusion enables further performance improvement of such laser systems obtained from a ray tracing design. This is possible by parametric optimization and Monte-Carlo tolerancing techniques in combination with the unique field tracing simulation engine, which takes physical optics effects (like beam diffraction and polarization) into account.

Laser diode modeling inclusive astigmatism incuding influences on size, shape & position of focus spot.
Laser diode modeling including astigmatism, which shows influence on size, shape & position of focus spot.

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

Evaluation of quality of beam collimation (dot diagram, wave front error and phase) for a high NA laser diode.

Evaluation of focus behavior of an astigmatic Gaussian beam behind a focusing asphere.

Ray tracing and physical optics analysis of the focusing of a laser beam by a high-NA asphere, with emphasis on the study of the polarization effects stemming from the extreme non-paraxiality of the system.

Ray propagation and electromagnetic field propagation through a GRIN fiber. Comparison of simulations by a rigorous Maxwell solver (Fourier Modal Method (FMM) with Perfectly Matched Layers (PMLs) and a our newly developed very fast approximated Maxwell solver.

Simulation of a Gaussian beam focused by thermal lens effect induced by a high power laser. The refractive index of the thermal lens changes with varying input power.

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