Advanced PSF/MTF

The latest technological advances make a requirement of overstepping the traditional understanding of PSF/MTF calculations, where a perfectly round aperture is assumed to be homogeneously illuminated. VirtualLab Fusion envisages fast calculation of realistic PSFs/MTFs

  • for arbitrarily shaped apertures
  • for inhomogeneous illumination of the aperture
  • for high-NA systems
  • for off-axis incidence
  • automatically including vectorial effects

VirtualLab Fusion is able to produce these results in both ray tracing and physical optics form.

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

When a linearly polarized Gaussian beam is focused by a high-NA aspheric lens, the PSF in focal plane shows asymmetry due to vectorial effects.

By placing a rotated rectangular aperture behind input fields with different sizes, the PSF and MTF in the focal plane are investigated.

In high-NA focusing situations, e.g. with parabolic mirror, it is demonstrated that input fields with polarizations leads to different focal spots.

We show how to construct and perform both ray and field tracing analysis of a GRIN lens.

Non-sequential field tracing for the PSF calculation of Herrig Schiefspiegler Telescope, including double-pass between two mirrors, takes less than 10 seconds.

An Offner system that consists of two concentric spherical mirrors is built up and its imaging property is investigated by using the non-sequential field tracing in VirtualLab.

Related Information

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