What's New in VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1?

VirtualLab Fusion – NEW Optimization Package

With VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1 the Optimization Package has been released as the newest member of the VirtualLab Fusion product family.

  • It contains powerful local and global optimization algorithms to design a system according to your merit functions.
  • The intuitive and user-friendly interface will guide you through the optimization process.
  • Powerful post-processing tools will enable you to understand the development of merit function values during the optimization process.

Major Development Directions

For a brief overview you can check our main development categories:

Higher Speed

  • Distributed computing technology is utilized in the new Optimization Package.
  • Performance & handling of VirtualLab Fusion data object (e.g. data arrays) has been optimized.
  • Enhanced parallelization and memory management boost our modeling algorithms' performance.

Easier Use

  • New customization options for optical setup trees are now available.
  • Undo operations are now supported for optical setups.
  • Handling of calculators within VirtualLab Fusion has been improved.
  • Data import capabilities enhanced, including import for non-equidistant data.
  • Advanced export options, such as copying to clipboard, are now supported.

More Physics

  • The latest addition to our ever-expanding collection of simulation models has been introduced: functional coatings.
  • Enhancements to the volume grating medium have been implemented.
  • New detector add-ons have been introduced to enhance your detector toolkit.

Deeper Transparency

  • The property browser has been redesigned and now features enhanced sort and search functionalities.
  • All parameters table layout (e.g. within the parameter run) has been enhanced to provide a clearer overview across hierarchy levels.

Better Control

  • A new parameter type, Enumerations, has been added to all snippets within VirtualLab Fusion.
  • New advanced options for defining random distributions in parameter runs are now available.
  • Parameter extraction has been extended, enhancing functionalities such as parameter overview and parameter runs.

More details about the features provided with VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1 are presented in the release notes.

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