Refractive Optics

Refractive beam shapers enjoy widely extended use in many fields and for numerous applications, like the transformation, in laser optics, of Gaussian beams into other shapes more suited to the intended purpose (a top hat, for instance, provides a more homogeneously distributed intensity). More exotic transformations are brought about by the growing popularity of freeform optics, where any fabrication symmetry in the component is eschewed in favor of increased design freedom.

The ability of VirtualLab Fusion to consider not just the beam shaping elements themselves, but also the physical characteristics of the source (polarization, coherence, etc.) opens the door to elevated modeling and design capabilities; 

  • guided, user-friendly design
  • import of measured fabrication errors
  • export fabrication data
  • evaluation of tolerancing

are just some possibilities when it comes to refractive optics modeling and design with VirtualLab Fusion.


Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

With the physical-optics design tools in VirtualLab, a refractive beam shaper for shaping a fundamental Gaussian beam into top-hat profile is designed and analyzed.

Related Information

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VirtualLab can export smooth and quantized interfaces, as well as mirror/prism/grating cells arrays into various file formats, e.g., STL and GDSII file format.

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