Near-eye displays

Virtual and augmented reality glasses have brought forth a series of fresh challenges for optical designers. VirtualLab Fusion, with its fast physical optics approach, offers the necessary tools to undertake the modelling and design of such devices;

  • ray and physical optics simulations with 
  • both sequential and non-sequential tracing (characterized by easy switching between the two modes)
  • advanced PSF/MTF calculation
  • rigorous model to calculate efficiencies of diffraction orders

are just some of the characteristics that underpin the potential of VirtualLab Fusion when it comes to the modeling and design of near-eye displays. 

2D Exit Pupil Expanison
2D Exit Pupil Expanison

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

PSF and MTF calculation of an imaging system, including an eye model. The emphasis is placed on the evaluation of PSF and MTF for partially illuminated apertures. 

Non-sequential ray tracing simulation through a glass plate to analyze multiple reflection effects. 

Physical optics simulation of the multiple reflections inside an etalon component.

Ray tracing and physical optics simulation of an optical system including a waveguide component. The effects of different outcoupling aperture shapes in the waveguide are studied.

Ray tracing and physical optics analysis of an optical system including a waveguide component with in and outcoupling gratings.

Optimization of the outcoupling grating in a waveguide, employing a rigorous model for the simulation of the grating. 

Non-sequential ray tracing and physical optics analysis of a waveguide system including a 2D exit pupil expansion, showing field results at different planes of interest in the system. 

Ray tracing and physical optics analysis of a folded imaging system.

Ray tracing and physical optics analysis of a folded imaging system where different aperture configurations are studied.

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