VirtualLab Fusion enables, through the fast physical optics concept, the realistic analysis of spectrometers taking into account physical optics effects. Both ray tracing and physical optics engines are implemented, with an easy switching between the two via an user-friendly interface. The gratings can be modeled with a rigorous method which is cogently combined with the model for the overall system, thus allowing for

  • a realistic calculation of the efficiencies for the different diffraction orders
  • a study of the manner in which those diffraction orders propagate and interact with the rest of the optical system
  • an analysis of the spectral resolution of the spectrometer

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in the following selected samples:

A physical-optics-based simulation of Czerny-Turner setup consisting of parabolic mirrors and blazed grating for Sodium doublet examination, is investigated.

A physical-optics-based simulation of Czerny-Turner setup, which consists of parabolic mirrors and blazed grating, is presented.

An Offner system that consists of two concentric spherical mirrors is built up and its imaging property is investigated by using the non-sequential field tracing in VirtualLab.

A silica-spaced etalon is build up and used to measure the sodium D lines, with the non-sequential field tracing technique in VirtualLab Fusion.

Find other samples including technical background information in our download area.

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