VirtualLab Fusion Release 2023

The Amazing Feature Festival

After a year of intensive development, we happily present the new VirtualLab Fusion 2023.1 with numerous new features providing:

  • Higher Speed
  • Easier Use
  • More Physics
  • Deeper Transparency
  • Better Control

Release Notes

Are you curious about all new features, applications and innovations in our Release? Then dive into the explanations given in our Release Notes Document:

Release Notes

Release Webinar Series

VirtualLab Fusion 2023.1 comes with a lot of new features and technologies and takes the software to the next level.

If you missed hearing about the great developments of VirtualLab Fusion by its architects Prof. Frank Wyrowski and Christian Hellmann, you can watch them by request.

The New VirtualLab Fusion 2023: An Overview

Theory and Practice: Seamless Transition between Physical and Geometrical Optics Modeling

VirtualLab Fusion 2023: The Detector Revolution

User Experience

Let us know your opinion about the new Release 2023.1. In particular, send us your suggestions and feature requests to make your work with VirtualLab Fusion even more enjoyable. We await your opinion and feature requests at user-experience (at)

If you are interested in purchasing our software, please fill out the form and check out the details about editions and toolboxes.

Software anD packages

Please feel free to contact our sales team with further questions: sales (at)


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