We believe in close collaboration to drive the success and prosperity of the company. The management board ensures that the company is run transparently to achieve long-term growth in customer and company value.

Frank Wyrowski

President & Owner

Frank Wyrowski is the President of LightTrans. He is responsible for R&D and the technical roadmap of VirtualLab Fusion. In 1999 he co-founded LightTrans and in 2014 Wyrowski Photonics. Furthermore, he holds a professorship at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and is head of the Applied Computational Optics Group.

Christian Hellmann

Vice President & Owner

Christian Hellmann holds the position of Vice President of LightTrans and CEO of Wyrowski Photonics GmbH. He has become chairholder at LightTrans in 2012 and co-founded Wyrowski Photonics with Frank Wyrowski in 2014. He is responsible for the software development of VirtualLab Fusion.

Michael Höschel

Managing Director

Michael Höschel, who acts as managing director of LightTrans International GmbH, has been working at LightTrans since 2016. He is responsible for the management, finance and human resources of LightTrans. His previous position was Chief Financial Officer.

Diana Apelt

Chief Sales Officer

Diana Apelt has been Chief Sales Officer since 2020. She started her career at LightTrans in 2017 as sales assistant.

Stefan Steiner

Chief Technology Officer

In 2016, Stefan Steiner started his career as Optical Engineer at LightTrans, where he became Principle Scientist in 2019 and CTO in 2023. He develops solutions and technologies for selected application scenarios in VirtualLab Fusion, leads the Optical Engineering Team and is responsible for Customer Support.

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