The New VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2

We are happy to present the new VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 with numerous new features.

VirtualLab Fusion enables the balance of accuracy and speed for optical simulations through interoperability of modeling techniques on a single software platform.

The development of VirtualLab Fusion never stops. In this release we proudly present, among numerous other things, the Distributed Computing Package.

As a second highlight, the new Parameter Variation Analyzer is finding its way to the software, which allows more detailed analysis and optimizations.

For a brief overview you can check our main development categories:

Higher Speed

With VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 the Distributed Computing Package is released as a new member of the VirtualLab Fusion product family.
This package enables the use of computers in a network and the automatic distribution of simulation tasks.
Depending on the task, the time required to obtain the results is significantly reduced. The workflow to configure your simulation in VirtualLab Fusion is unchanged.
Simply define the clients on available computers in your network and get your results much faster.

VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 also makes better use of multicore processors for parallel calculations.

In addition, the visualization of large 2D as well as 3D data is improved, to provide a more performant and fluid user experience.

Easier Use

VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 comes with a variety of improvements for our Data Views. This includes new features for the visualization of 1D and 2D data as well as the 3D system data.

Regions are a central data object in VirtualLab Fusion. With VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 we enable new options for editing polygon regions and also make the usage of regions (e.g., in the surface layout of the lightguide component) more user-friendly.

Isotropic as well as anisotropic Coatings are defined by a sequence of layers. In VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2, the layer sequences can be adapted even more user-friendly.

VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 enables an easier usage of Detector Add-ons inside the universal detector as well in the main window of VirtualLab Fusion.

More Physics

In VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2, the Parameter Variation Analyzer is available, which allows to configure an internal parameter sweep and to evaluate the combined result for the analysis of multi configurations.

The Field Inside Grating Analyzer now supports the evaluation of 2D periodic grating structures, too.

The Multimode Fiber Coupling Detector also provides the efficiency per mode in VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2.

Deeper Transparency

The Process Logging in VirtualLab Fusion now provides much more detailed information about the process during the simulation of an optical setup.
VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 enables the following features to access and control the process logging:

  • option to temporary suspend the logging during simulation
  • select the logging level directly on the logging tab
  • option to search within a specific logging information using a full text search

Better Control

In VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2, we have already introduced the Profile Editing Tools to more conveniently configure the modeling parameters of a complex system.

The layout of the profile editing tool has been further optimized to provide a more intuitive overview of the various parameters that can be adjusted.

In addition, the tool for Paraxial Assumptions has been simplified and the application to detectors within the underlying systems is more clearly communicated.

Moreover, new parameters for the Parameter Extraction (e.g., parameters of the GRIN media and more parameter for the volume grating medium) are available, which allow their use in a parameter run or parametric optimization.

Release Notes

More details about the features provided with VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2 are presented in the release notes.

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User Experience

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