Meet us at LASER 2023
Hall B1 Booth #211

Live at Booth #211

This year, we would like to invite you to our live presentations at our booth. On each day of the trade fair, we have two special topics for you.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about these absolute trend topics in optical design from our optical designers.

Our Advice:
Take a look at our topics and plan your fair visit around them:

27 June

AR/MR: “Fast Optimization of Grating-Based Waveguides Enabled by Efficient Single-Platform Interoperability.”
AR/MR: “Control of Accuracy-Speed Balance for MTF Analysis in Complex Waveguide Devices.”

28 June

Design of Metagrating / Metalens: “Design & Characterization of Metastructures with VirtualLab Fusion.”
Interferometer: “Role of Coherence & Diffraction Effects in Interferometric Applications.”

29 June

Gratings in Complex Systems: “Seamless Interoperability of Modeling Techniques.“
Diffraction in Systems: “Impact of Diffraction Effects from Apertures in Optical Systems.”

30 June

Advanced Simulation of MLA & CMOS: „Investigation of Diffraction Effects for Wafer-Level Microlenses on CMOS Sensors.”
Diffractive Lens: “Investigation of Real-Structure Effects on PSF of Diffractive Lens.”


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