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Gratings as a Part of Optical Systems

The construction of optical systems combining diffraction gratings and lenses and other smooth surfaces is a common occurrence, across many applications like spectroscopy, in microscopy using the grating as a test object, or in AR & MR glasses. This is not reflected in the field of simulation: it is rare, even today, to find software which can convincingly tackle the modeling of such systems. The reason for this is the vast difference in the structural dimensions of the two types of components, which means drastically different algorithms are needed for each of them.


VirtualLab Fusion can fill the void: its connecting field solvers approach offers a seamless stitching of the required algorithms on one single software platform. For the user, this translates into a fast physical optics experience of the simulation of these optical systems.

We have selected three examples to illustrate in the webinar the potential of VirtualLab Fusion in this field:

  • Confocal Scanning Microscope with Grating as Test Object
  • Demonstration of a Spectrometer
  • Light Guide with Gratings for In- and Outcoupling

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