Observation of Vortex-Array Laser-Beam Generation from Ince-Gaussian Beam

Ince-Gaussian modes are the third complete family of exact and orthogonal solutions of the paraxial wave equation alongside the Hermite-Gaussian and Laguerre-Gaussian modes. Ince-Gaussian modes have a diversiform transverse pattern. In this document, following in the steps of Chu et al. [Opt. Express 16, 19934-19949 (2008)], a Dove prism-embedded unbalanced Mach-Zehnder interferometer is used to simulate the generation of vortex-array laser beams based on Ince-Gaussian modes. The resulting vortex-array laser beam generated by the proposed interferometric setup maintains its beam profile during propagation, also through a focus. Thus, the proposed vortex-array laser beams hold great promise for application in optical tweezers and atom traps in the form of two-dimensional arrays.

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