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Our product policy regarding the toolbox concept changed a bit. We offer you the Fast Physical Optics Software Platform VirtualLab Fusion in the editions Basic and Advanced. On this basis you can expand your capabilities by adding different toolboxes (e.g. Diffractive Optics Toolbox, Light Guide Toolbox).​
You may start with a single toolbox or any combination of toolboxes. Each toolbox adds functionalities to your personal VirtualLab Fusion software package. All toolboxes work smoothly together on one platform with a common intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface.

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The table below gives you an overview of the most important applications and features of our software to facilitate your decision making process. Of course, you can also combine several toolboxes to generate your own customized package.

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  VirtualLab Fusion Diffractive Optics Toolbox Light Guide Toolbox
Features Basic Advanced Silver Gold Silver Gold

Parameter Sweep & Optimization


Customization & Programming


Laser Beam Optics


Imaging Optics


Interferometric Systems


Microlens Array


Grating Analysis


DOE Design


Diffractive Lens and HOE


Light Guide Modeling


Light Guide Design


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We offer a VirtualLab Fusion platform (in basic and advanced edition), which is the basis to buy additional toolboxes. VirtualLab Fusion (without additional Toolboxes) is designed for modeling of typical optical setups, with parametric optimization for design​. Click on the boxes to find out more about the different VirtualLab Fusion Editions.

If you have any questions please feel free to conact our sales team sales (at)

VirtualLab Fusion Basic

VirtualLab Fusion Basic provides a broad collection of technologies and covers a wide range of applications, far beyond just "Basic".

  • Lens systems can be analyzed with not just ray tracing, but also the unique field tracing. All aperture-diffraction effects be can considered within a system, for both imaging and laser systems.
  • The innovative channel concept enables a very convenient mechanism for the modeling of interferometric systems, like Michelson, Mach-Zehnder Interferometers, as well as optical etalons.
  • With physical-optics-based sources and detectors, VirtualLab Fusion Basic covers topics like ultrashort pulse modeling, VCSEL modeling, fiber coupling analysis, and so on.
  • It is even customizable! With the inbuilt user-friendly programming language, or also via others like Python and Matlab, the modeling and design possibilities can be further extended.

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VirtualLab Fusion Advanced

With all the technologies from the Basic edition, VirtualLab Fusion Advanced adds the Fourier Modal Method (FMM) as a rigorous vectorial method for modeling periodic structures (1D and 2D).

  • It includes pre-defined models for surface-relief gratings, holographic volume gratings, and even metagratings.
  • One can analyze either the diffraction properties of an isolated grating device, or check its performance when used together with other components in a system.

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Find your indivdual package of toolboxes!

Our sales team help you to find the right combination of toolboxes for your personal applications and requirements: sales (at)

Diffractive Optics Toolbox Silver

The Diffractive Optics Toolbox Silver is a practical tool for diffractive beam splitter, diffuser, and beam shaper design, based on the iterative Fourier transform algorithm (IFTA). It requires VirtualLab Fusion Basic edition.

  • A step-by-step design session editor guides you through the complete design, from system information collection, target specification, to constraints and algorithm parameter settings.
  • All standard merit functions for performance evaluation are provided, as well as options for basic fabrication tolerance analysis.
  • Together with VirtualLab Fusion (Basic/Advanced), the designed diffractive optical elements can be analyzed directly in an system with various other components.

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Diffractive Optics Toolbox Gold

In addition to the Silver edition, the Diffractive Optics Toolbox Gold, with the local linear grating approximation (LLGA) technology, makes it a unique tool for the modeling of diffractive lenses and holographic optical elements (HOEs). It requires at least VirtualLab Fusion Basic. But we recommend to purchase the Diffractive Optics Toolbox with VirtualLab Fusion Advanced.

  • With the LLGA, a diffractive surface is modeled based on the actual material and structure, with either the Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a. RCWA) or an implementation of the thin-element approximation (TEA) that considers higher diffraction orders and vectorial effects.
  • A complete and closed workflow is provided: from import of e.g. Binary 2 surfaces from Zemax® OpticStudio® to the export of the actual diffractive lens surface data.

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Light Guide Toolbox Silver

The Light Guide Toolbox Silver is a market-leading tool for the modeling of light-guide-based display systems. It features modeling of multiple grating regions for high-quality AR/MR applications. It requires VirtualLab Fusion Advanced.

  • You may define any kind of light guide layout with the flexible grating region concept and check out the optical performance of a complete system.
  • Based on the Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a RCWA), the grating response (including direction, wavelength, and polarization) is fully included in the calculation.

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Light Guide Toolbox Gold

The Gold edition provides the world's first grating design algorithm for common light guide layouts, that greatly speeds up product design cycles. It requires VirtualLab Fusion Advanced.

  • It assists with light guide design, by starting from a visualization of the principle in the k domain and then generating the geometry of the layout.
  • Using the Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a. RCWA) as a rigorous method, the grating parameters in different regions will be calculated automatically.

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Light Shaping Toolbox

It is a special toolbox for the design of cell-array light-shaping elements, including mirror cells, prism cells, and grating cells. For grating cells, VirtualLab Fusion Advanced is required. Contact our technical support team (support (at) for more information.

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Laser Resonator Toolbox

The VirtualLab Fusion Laser Resonator Toolbox a special toolbox for computing the transverse resonator modes for CW lasers, using the Fox-Li and/or Arnoldi algorithm. Contact our technical support team (support (at) for more information.

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Buying VirtualLab Fusion

You purchase a perpetual license of VirtualLab Fusion. The price includes 12 months update service for the software. We also offer special licenses for teaching – please contact our sales team.

If you are interested in purchasing our software, please fill out the form.

Trial Version

If you would like to test our softwaren, please fill out our request form.

Limited Features:

  • Saving of documents to hard disk is disabled. However, support files of light path diagrams can be saved. Those files can be sent to LightTrans for support purposes.
  • Programming of snippets, programmable components and programmable detectors is disabled. However, snippets, programmable components and programmable detectors provided as part of documents (light path diagrams, parameter run) or in catalogs can be used.
  • C# modules cannot be executed.

Limited Usage:

  • Can be started 50 times, each session is limited to 12 hours.
  • No dongle required.

Limited License:

  • Special license agreement that excludes commercial usage of results.

ReQuest your Free Trial Version

Evaluation Version

Full version for final evaluation, typically all toolboxes of VirtualLab Fusion.

Limited Usage:

  • Typically restricted to 30 days.

Limited License:

  • Special license agreement has to be signed by the customer. Usage is restricted to evaluation purposes.

Network Version

  • Available option for VirtualLab Fusion, that is, no limitation and no additional features.
  • Can be used in a network, that is, the dongle is connected to a server and users can work on remote computers that have to have access to the server via network.
  • VirtualLab Fusion can be used at as many computers as licenses have been purchased. These computers can run VirtualLab Fusion simultaneously.
  • Note that when used without a network, the use of VirtualLab Fusion is limited to the computer to which the dongle is connected.

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