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Webinar in Cooperation With PhotonicNet Germany

Flat Optics – about Freeform, Fresnel, Diffractive and Meta Lenses

The steady interest in miniaturizing optical systems ultimately leads to flat optics, which includes any concept to reduce the thickness of components and systems by introducing surfaces with high functionality. In this webinar we invite you to join us on a journey through the concepts, prospects, challenges, and myths of the different versions of flat components, with an emphasis on lenses. 

The journey starts with discussing the most fundamental goal in optical design, that is, controlling and manipulating the wavefront of the light which enters an optical system. While in imaging optics spherical wavefronts are desired and aberrations should be minimized, in light shaping tailored aberrations should be introduced. The wavefront control and shaping are accompanied by the concept of domain matching, which aims to maximize the energy throughput in a system. It is related to filling the stop in lens design.  In the seminar we discuss the determination of the required wavefront control dependent on the design goal and the role played by domain matching. We distinguish between single- and multi-channel systems, which can be understood as a generalized formulation to deal with the FOV of a lens system and polychromatic design tasks.


Prof. Dr. Frank Wyrowski
President & Owner

Frank Wyrowski is the President of LightTrans. He is responsible for R&D and the technical roadmap of VirtualLab Fusion. In 1999 he co-founded LightTrans and in 2014 Wyrowski Photonics. Furthermore, he holds a professorship at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and is head of the Applied Computational Optics Group.

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