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How Fast Physical Optics Enables the Accurate Modeling and Design of Metagrating Structures

22 September 2022
Recent years have finally begun to see the coming to life of an ambitious field that, at least where theory was concerned, has been buzzing with activity for decades: metamaterials. Although still extremely challenging, the manufacture of subwavelength structures capable of replicating certain desired emerging properties has, in some cases, become possible due to the constantly improving fabrication technology. In this webinar we will focus on one specific subgroup under the general banner of metamaterials – metagratings: a given arrangement of subwavelength surface structures which is periodically repeated. The advantages of this approach can be, for example, an increased flexibility: in 1D-periodic structures, the response in the invariant direction can be more easily tailored using the distribution of subwavelength structures of the metagrating in that direction.

In the fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion we put at your disposal several tools specifically designed for the user-friendly configuration and simulation of metagratings. In our coming webinar we will demonstrate these tools in action with some selected application examples. Take part and join the discussion! What you can expect to see:

  • Modeling and design of blazed metagratings
  • Design of 2D non-paraxial beam-splitting metagrating

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