Let's Talk About Metalenses

Photonics Spectra Webinar

29 May 2024 | 16:00 (CEST)

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In the webinar, Frank Wyrowski will discuss considerations such as the design and modeling of metalenses and the procedures for replacing a smooth lens surface with a flat one.

The use of metalenses in lens systems results in a multi-scale configuration that requires the use of sophisticated simulation methods to ensure an appropriate balance between simulation accuracy and speed.

Who should attend:

Engineers and R&D scientists in search of concepts and optical design software that enable multi-scale simulations for systems with metalenses, which assist in evaluating and understanding the capabilities of metalenses for their specific uses.


Frank Wyrowski

co-founded the companies LightTrans in 1999, Wyrowski Photonics in 2014, and Beijing Luoxun Technology Co., Ltd. in 2022. He has been professor of technical physics at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and head of the Applied Computational Optics Group since 1996.
He dedicates his work as entrepreneur, researcher, and teacher to developing the concept and software for interoperable modeling which addresses the increasing demand for flexible modeling and design in optics and photonics applications. It seamlessly combines geometrical and physical optics by a unified theoretical approach and its implementation in the commercial optical modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion.

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