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Grating Modeling and Design

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Duration and Intended Audience:

  • 3 hours per day | 4 days in sum
  • Optical designers and engineers in the field of diffractive grating applications

Technical Environment:

  • The course will be held online and implemented with the platform Cisco WebEx.
  • Participants will receiver further information once the request has been successful.


Gratings are the most widely applied diffractive optics elements in various optical systems. VirtualLab Fusion software provides the Fourier modal method (FMM a.k.a. RCWA) and the thin element approximation (TEA) for grating simulations. This interactive online training shows how to use the corresponding technologies from VirtualLab Fusion to solve practical grating modeling and design tasks for modern optics applications.

Learning outcomes

  • ƒLearn how to construct the grating geometry and materials; understand the basic theory of the modeling technologies and their differences; use the software tools for grating analysis and design.
  • Practice hands-on with selected rigorous modeling examples, including blazed grating, rectangular grating, slanted grating, holographic volume grating, and metagrating.
  • Design workflow discussed along examples, like moth-eye anti-reflection grating, waveguide coupling grating, polarization-insensitive pulse compressor grating, and beam-splitting metagrating.


Online Training Day I

Online Training Day II

  • Grating construction and modeling
    • Grating structure specifications: via surface or medium
    • Thin element approximation (TEA)
    • Fourier modal method (FMM, a.k.a. RCWA)
    • Specific grating analysis tools
  • Rigorous modeling examples
    • Blazed grating for spectral separation
    • Ultra-sparse dielectric nano-wire grid polarizers
    • Parameter sweeping tool
  • Rigorous modeling examples
    • Slanted grating simulation with varying parameters
    • Volume holographic gratings and their sensitivity
    • Diffraction property of a passive parity-time (PT) grating
    • Analysis of CMOS sensors with microlens array
  • Grating within optical system
    • Angular-filter volume grating for higher diffraction order suppression
    • Resonant waveguide grating and its angular/spectral property
    • Using gratings as test objects in imaging system (Abbe’s principle)

Online Training Day III

Online Training Day IV

  • Grating design/optimization
    • Optimization of slanted grating for waveguide coupling
    • Parametric optimization tool
    • Design of polarization-independent high-efficiency gratings
    • Design of anti-reflection moth-eye structures
  • Metagratings
    • Rigorous analysis of nanopillars as metasurface building blocks
    • Design of a blazed metagrating
    • Beam-splitting metagrating design
    • IFTA for phase profile generation
  • General Q&A

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