Lasers in Action Forum

24 June 2020
15:45 – 16:00 (CET)
Online Only

This presentation would usually be part of LASYS exhibition. Laser Systems Europe and LASYS have joined forces to bring you this series of events.

LightTrans will give the first webinar presentation on this day with the following topic:

  • Diffractive and Metasurfaces:
    From Function to Structure Simulation Seamlessly in VirtualLab Fusion

    We present a seamless workflow in the physical-optics software VirtualLab Fusion for the design and analysis of diffractive and metasurfaces. An example will be shown on the design of a metagrating for large-angle beam splitting application. That includes the rigorous analysis of the metasurface unit cells, the spatial arrangement of them, and a full analysis/optimization of the whole structure.
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