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Abbe-Zentrum, Jena

MOC 2022

Take Part in the Central Forum for Microoptics

25 – 28 September 2022
Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg, Jena, Germany
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The Microoptics Conference provides scientific exchange through presentations and discussions to update and review scientific and technical information in a very broad range of microoptical topics. For the very first time, we are part of the MOC and look forward to interesting conversations on various topics such as the design, fabrication, measurement and applications of microoptic technologies, including the areas of communications, lighting, and quantum systems.

During this event our president and founder Prof. Frank Wyrowski will give a lecture on Iterative design concepts for micro-optics on Wednesday, 28. September from 09:00 – 09:30 (CEST). There will also be other exciting presentations from renowned companies such as SÜSS MicroTec, Sony, AMS OSRAM, and many more.

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The 27th MOC in Jena covers microoptics technologies in Optical Communications
(photonic networks, advanced multiplexing, LAN, FTTH, etc.), Optical Interconnects (chip/board/system interconnects, active optical cable, etc.), Optoelectronic Equipment (optical storages, laser, smart sensors, advanced microscopes, etc.), Optical Sensing and Processing (optics for image recognition, physical measurements, sensors and sensing systems, security systems, optical computing, bio- and medical sensing, etc.), Displays and Lighting (LCD, LED/EL, MEMS displays, 3D displays, μ-LED displays, wearable displays, AR/VR-glass, head mounted displays, flexible displays, solid state lighting, illuminations, appearance design, etc.), New Applications and Emerging Technologies (green photonics, environmental and energy optics, medical optics, nano-photonics, microoptics, AI and IoT, etc.), Microoptics for Quantum Technology (miniaturized quantum systems, single-photon and entangled-photon sources, optical systems for support of quantum computers, optical quantum-key distribution, ghost imaging and sensing, etc.), AI for Microoptics/Microoptics (integrated photonic systems for AI computing, optical neuromorphic/reservoir computing, etc.) and is supported by the European Optical Society and the Japan Society of Applied Physics.

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