VirtualLab Fusion 2020.1 Release Webinar

We are proud to present a new version of VirtualLab Fusion, in which we bring the connecting field solvers technology to the next level. We completely do away with the tendency that exists of only considering diffraction effects at the exit pupil of the system, in the process enabling the analysis of laser systems, cascaded diffraction, vignetting, 4f setups as well as of any combination of gratings, microstructures, diffusers, and diffractive and metalenses with conventional and freeform lenses.

Some of the examples you can expect to see live in the new version of VirtualLab Fusion in our online release event are:

  • Simulation of Focusing with Cascaded Apertures
  • Analysis and Design of Afocal Systems for Laser Guide Stars
  • Pinhole Modeling in a Low-Fresnel-Number System
  • Goos-Hänchen Shift

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