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Analysis and Design of Coupling Systems for Single-Mode Fibers

28 May 2017

We will explore the possibilities of solving fiber coupling tasks, and learn about the typical workflows in VirtualLab Fusion.

Analysis and Design of Coupling Systems for Single-Mode Fibers

A sound analysis of the performance of a system whose purpose is to couple light into an optical fiber forcefully passes through a full physical-optics simulation of the setup, as does a successful design of such a system: a small deviation in the position of the fiber entrance or in the beam profile, can affect the resulting coupling efficiency, with unnecessary waste of resources ensuing.

VirtualLab Fusion, as a fully vectorial physical-optics software package, provides:

  • a flexible source model to realistically mimic the properties and behavior of light,
  • an array of field solvers capable of efficiently simulating light propagating through high-NA lenses,
  • a fast propagation operator to calculate the field in the focal region,
  • and a bespoke detector for calculating the coupling efficiency via the overlap integral with respect to a fully customizable reference mode.

In this webinar we will take advantage of all the above to guide the users through the following workflow, specific to the analysis and design of fiber-coupling systems:

Non Sequential Physical Optics

17 May 2017

In this webinar, we show how to enable non-sequential tracing in VirtualLab and application use cases, which get large benefits from it.

Non Sequential Physical Optics

From the version 7.3 of VirtualLab Fusion, one most important feature is the non-sequential modeling of electromagnetic field propagation through optical systems. This feature is vitally crucial for accurate modeling of an optical system, e.g., interferometers, etalon, as well as visual effects, e.g., ghost image caused by multi-reflection between optical interfaces. This webinar shows the feature concept, as well as how to enable it in VirtualLab Fusion.

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