Meet us at Optatec 2022
Hall 8, Booth C116

Optatec 2022

Without photonics, modern life would no longer be conceivable in many areas. Weather and climate data, quality inspection processes, driver assistance systems, microelectronics, biotechnology and laboratory technology - optical systems are fundamentally required for all these industrial and non-industrial fields of action.

Both in Germany, where optical technologies have a broad industrial base, and internationally, photonics, biophotonics and photovoltaics are booming topics. Drivers are both the general increase in automation and digitalisation, including autonomous systems, as well as higher quality requirements in manufacturing. Above all, the growing fields of analysis, biotechnology and laboratory technology as well as pharmaceuticals and healthcare require optotechnical systems that are up to date. After all, these things need an accurate optical design right from the start, covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum and created with excellent optical design software.

Meet us and other key players in the optical industry and talk with us about the various application possibilities of the Fast Physical Optics Software VirtualLab Fusion at our exhibition booth.

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Visit our lecture on:

"Fast Physical Optics: Paradgim Shift in Optical Modeling and Design".

19 October 2022
15:00 – 15:40

Hall 8 Room Symmetry 2 + 3 FORUM

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