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Presenting VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1

25 August 2021
Many of the features that are introduced in this version help set the stage for a host of new thrilling applications. Moreover, the simulation of  complex systems in VirtualLab Fusion is now faster, more user-friendly, and more straightforward. In this webinar, we will be taking a look together at a round-up of some key scenarios where the exciting potential of this version is best showcased.

You can expect:

  • A taste of some of the most prominent new features of the latest VirtualLab Fusion version, 2021.1!
  • Look at the Fiber Mode Calculator, LP Mode Source, and Multimode Fiber Coupling Efficiency detector to investigate the effect of aberrations and air turbulence on mode shape and coupling efficiency.
  • New S-matrix solver for anisotropic media to experiment with birefringence, polarization conversion and to investigate the role of crystal layers as efficiency boosters in LCDs.
  • The simulation of a Shack-Hartmann sensor and saw how the new lateral channel handling opens the door to the simulation of even more microlens array systems with VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1!

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