Tools for the Analysis of Imaging Errors in Lens Systems

Imaging systems are one of the historical cornerstones of optics, with numerous applications in a wide range of different technologies. Therefore, the performance analysis of lens systems commonly used in imaging is a fundamental task for many optical engineers. To assist the optical engineer in this endeavor, VirtualLab Fusion offers a number of powerful tools.

In this newsletter, we would like to highlight, in particular, the tools for the analysis of field curvature and distortion. These two imaging errors stem from the fact that most detectors operate as plane surfaces, while lenses focus light onto a curve. These aberrations can be investigated with the easy-to-use integrated tools that VirtualLab Fusion puts at your disposal, as shown in the following examples.

Field Curvature Analyzer

The field curvature describes the difference between the designed focal plane and the actual focal curve of an objective (lens). In this use case a tool for the analysis of this effect is introduced.

Distortion Analyzer

This use case introduces the Distortion Analyzer in VirtualLab Fusion, illustrated with the example of a spherical lens.

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