User Meetup on Gratings – Modeling, Design, and Applications

Register now and save your seat for our first User Meetup. To inaugurate this new format we have chosen the topic of gratings.

21 January | 09:00 – 20:00 (CET)

Ways You Can Interact with Us

We offer three different options for you to interact with our engineering and sales team:

One-on-One Meetings with our Experts

Looking for a rigorous grating analysis software? Having difficulty within the design of certain types of gratings? Select and join a one-on-one meeting with our expert, check how VirtualLab Fusion solves grating problems, see our workflows for grating designs, and bring your questions to us for further discussion. Topics covered will include (but are not limited to) typical cases like the rectangular, slanted, moth-eye, and holographic and metagratings.

Sales Group Meetings

We invite you to a presentation of a short overview of our products and services in a public forum. Get familiar with our structure for licenses, packages and toolbox solutions. Let’s also look beyond VirtualLab Fusion together and get a compact summary of all our relevant sales services.
Further questions? You ask, we deliver!

Join Our Networking Lounge

Take a break, treat yourself to a coffee and join our Networking Lounge. Meet us and other Meetup participants to chat about VirtualLab Fusion and all topics surronding it that you may have in mind.
Take the chance to meet up and network with peers around the world, even at a time when exhibitions and the valuable exchanges in person they bring are not possible.

Save Your slot

Save Your slot