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Fiber Optics – 03 February
Flat Optics – 04 February

New Features in VirtualLab Fusion for Fiber Optics

Fiber Coupling, Fiber Mode Sources, and Propagation Through Fibers

03 February | 10:00 & 18:00 (CET)

VirtualLab Fusion comes with new features for the modeling and design of systems for fiber optics. Based on linearly polarized (LP) modes and Gaussian-Laguerre solver techniques, we present:

» The fiber source, which emits customer-selected weighted fiber modes,
» The fiber coupling efficiency detectors, which provide the efficiency of the power transferred into multi-mode and single-mode fibers,
» The fiber component, which enables the propagation of electromagnetic fields through fibers.

Our Speaker

Huiying Zhong

Huiying Zhong works as optical engineer at LightTrans since 2016. She is responsible for the R&D of field tracing algorithms in fiber optics and graded-index optics. Furthermore, she offers technical support and holds webinars, seminars and trainings on how to use VirtualLab Fusion.

Webinar in Cooperation With PhotonicNet Germany

Flat Optics – about Freeform, Fresnel, Diffractive and Meta Lenses

04 February | 10:00 – 11:30 (CET)

The steady interest in miniaturizing optical systems ultimately leads to flat optics, which includes any concept to reduce the thickness of components and systems by introducing surfaces with high functionality. In this webinar we invite you to join us on a journey through the concepts, prospects, challenges, and myths of the different versions of flat components, with an emphasis on lenses. 

Our Speaker

Prof. Dr. Frank Wyrowski

Frank Wyrowski is the President of LightTrans. He is responsible for R&D and the technical roadmap of VirtualLab Fusion. In 1999 he co-founded LightTrans and in 2014 Wyrowski Photonics. Also, he holds a professorship at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and is head of the Applied Computational Optics Group.

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