Best of Use Cases

No. 4 – Fiber Coupling

As we look back with gratitude on a wonderful year of luminous moments, we wish you and your family a radiant holiday season and a bright New Year!

How to couple light into optical fibers with high efficiency is of great concern for many applications, e.g., in telecommunication, remote sensing, and lasers. For single-mode fibers with relatively high-NA, the coupling efficiency analysis requires a physical-optics consideration of the field in the focal region. VirtualLab Fusion provides an all-in-one software platform with ray tracing and field tracing.

In our fourth "Best of" Newsletter we focus on Fiber Coupling.

Comparison of Different Lenses for Fiber-Coupling

Comparison of different lenses for fiber coupling

For the task of coupling light into a single-mode fiber, two commercially available lenses are selected, and their performance are evaluated by using the overlap integral.

Optimal Working Distance for Coupling Light into Single-Mode Fibers

In this example, we select one commercially available lens and show how to find the optimal working distance to obtain maximum fiber coupling efficiency by using field tracing.

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