Linearly Polarized Fiber Modes

To conclude our series on fiber modeling, this week we introduce another set of tools that VirtualLab Fusion makes available to its users in this field. With the help of the linearly polarized (LP) Fiber Mode Calculator it is possible to generate and investigate the Bessel and Laguerre polynomials that describe the fiber modes propagating in multimode step- or graded-index fibers respectively.

The associated LP Mode source can be employed in combination with the Multiple Light Source to configure a finite set of these modes as the light source in an optical system, which would emulate the field exiting a given fiber. This enables the simulation of how the field exiting the fiber will propagate through the rest of a complex system and be transformed by it.

To showcase the capabilities of these features, we have selected, alongside a use case that covers the LP Fiber Mode Calculator in more detail, another example that demonstrates how a certain combination of aberrations deforms the shape of the modes emanating from our fiber source.

LP Fiber Mode Calculator

The Fiber Mode Calculator can be used to calculate the linearly polarized (LP) modes which can propagate in a step-index fiber with a single core or a graded-index fiber with an infinite parabolic profile.

Aberration Effects on Focused Modes from a Fiber Source

LP Mode Source for optical modeling and design
An optical setup for showing the aberration effects on focused modes is shown. The light source is an step-index fiber with an wavelenght of 600nm. The optical system includes Zernike Fringe aberrations with some spezifications. As results 6 different fiber modes which result in 6 different diffraction patterns are shown. They are demonstrating the irradiance of diffraction pattern in the focal region.

In this use case we demonstrate how the shape of a set of modes generated by either a step- or graded-index fiber, and the total field resulting from their combination, is affected by propagation through an aberrated optical system.

Free Webinar | Modeling and Design of Metagrating Structures

Free Webinar | Modeling and Design of Metagrating Structures