High-NA Microscopy for Revolutionary Imaging

High numerical aperture (NA) microscopy revolutionizes our ability to probe biological structures with unprecedented clarity and precision. By harnessing the principles of optics, microscopes with numerical apertures that surpass traditional limits excel in capturing intricate cellular architectures, dynamic molecular interactions, and subtle nanoscale phenomena. Whether unraveling the mysteries of cellular dynamics or delving into the intricacies of nanomaterials, high NA microscopy empowers scientists to push the boundaries of exploration and discovery in the microscopic world.

VirtualLab Fusion, the optical modeling and design software, provides optical engineers with a comprehensive suite of interoperable simulation algorithms consolidated onto a single platform. This empowers engineers to thoroughly explore optical systems, like these powerful high-NA microscopes, encompassing all relevant effects, and equips them with the necessary tools for comprehensive investigation.

Analysis of Off-Axis Imaging by a High-NA Microscope

This use case demonstrates the imaging of off-axis object points with different lateral shift distances, to check the influence of the aberrations on the PSF.

Reflecting Microscope System with very high Numerical Aperture

This use case demonstrates the modeling of a compact reflective microscope system with a very high numerical aperture of 0.99 using VirtualLab Fusion’s fast physical optics technology. Further the result is compared to a reference.

Photonics Spectra Optical Design Summit | 22 May 2024

Photonics Spectra Optical Design Summit | 22 May 2024