New Features for Lightguide Modeling

With the release of version 2023.1 a whole pack of new and interesting features have been added to the fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion. Fitting to one of the themes of the release – the “Detector Revolution” – we presented new tools to extract information about your optical system by means of the new Universal Detector and various helpful Add-ons.

In this week’s newsletter we want to highlight especially the new additions that have been made to the Lightguide Toolbox – our go-to tool for anyone interested in applications in the field of augmented and mixed reality (AR & MR), like the design and analysis of Near-Eye Displays. With the new release users have access to an overhauled Uniformity Detector that now includes graphical representations of the pupils that are used to calculate the uniformity, for a more convenient use. Furthermore, we also added a brand-new detector add-on designed to share information from the lightguide with the detector. With its help, users can now detect the field inside a lightguide and see the grating regions superimposed on the result. For more information, please take a look at the documents below.

Uniformity Detector for Light Guide Systems

For the evaluation of the performance of lightguide systems in the field of AR/MR devices, the lateral uniformity of the light distribution in the eyebox is one of the most crucial parameters. This use case shows how to use the uniformity detector in VirtualLab Fusion.

Visualize Grating Regions in Lightguide Results

In this use case we demonstrate a detector add-on for the Universal Detector that superimposes the visualization of lightguide grating regions on top of the field data.

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Register for our free Webinar on Diffraction Gratings and DOE's