The latest VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1 Release is now available.

VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1

We are excited to announce the Release of VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1!

This version offers numerous new features and improvements that make your optical design experience faster, easier, and more powerful.

Newest Member of our Product Family

Please join us in welcoming our new Optimization Package, which is now part of our product family.


Catadioptric Imaging System Based on Pancake Lenses

This Use Case analyzes the performance of a folded imaging system by investigating the polarization state changes and the evolution of the focal spots for various angle of incidents.

All Details about the new Release

Dive into the explanations given in our Release Notes Document.

Free Trial of VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1

Free Trial of VirtualLab Fusion 2024.1