Speed-up Your Modeling with Distributed Computing

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In summer 2023 we will release the next version of VirtualLab Fusion which provides a brand-new distributed computing package. It enables a significant further increase of simulation speed by a few mouse clicks.

In preparation of the release of this fascinating new feature of VirtualLab Fusion, we ask for feedback from our customers through an early access program.

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Collection of Elementray Simulation Tasks

Optical modeling and design tasks typically demand the processing of many elementary simulations. The reasons for that are manifold and include examples like the following ones.


  • Polychromatic sources and ultrashort pulses
  • Multimode sources
  • Processing a full field of view (FOV)
  • Scanning system parameters
  • Tolerancing
  • Optimization


High-Speed Processing

In each scenario or its combinations, a collection of elementary simulations must be processed. Instead of performing one simulation after the other, distributed computing enables the concurrent processing of simulations of the collection. The achieved simulation speed directly scales with the size of the applied computer network.

Example Use Cases with Distributed Computing

Coherence measurement with white light interferometry.

Test image simulation of an AR waveguide.

Diffraction effects in interferometer with socket sample.


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