X-Ray Imaging Systems: Kirkpatrick-Baez Mirrors and Single Grating Interferometer

X-ray imaging is a valuable tool in a wide variety of applications, such as medical imaging and industrial inspection. In VirtualLab Fusion, we have successfully realized several well-known x-ray imaging systems, which can be used to explore the imaging properties of the setup in question, or to illustrate the special x-ray imaging principle. In this newsletter, we show two x-ray imaging experiments: (1) Using Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors to create a nanometer-scale x-ray imaging spot; (2) Illustrating the phase-contrast x-ray imaging principle with a single grating interferometer.

Grazing-Incidence Focusing Mirrors for X-Ray Beams

Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors focus the grazing-incident x-ray field into a nanometer-scale spot. This use case shows Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors' analytical design procedure and the diffraction pattern in the focal region.

Single Grating Interferometer for X-Ray Imaging

Three types of gratings (modeled by phase-only transmissions) are employed in a single grating interferometer for the x-ray, and the self-images of the selected gratings are examined.

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