Diffractive Lenses

Diffractive lenses show great potential in various modern optical applications. VirtualLab Fusion, with its Summer Release 2019, provides a complete workflow for the design and analysis of diffractive lenses. It starts with the functional design of the wavefront phase response, which can also, alternatively, be imported from e.g. Zemax OpticStudio®, then includes the actual microstructured lens surface into the modeling, and supports the export of the lens structure for fabrication. As an example, the design and analysis of an intraocular lens is shown.

Design and Analysis of Intraocular Diffractive Lens

We show how to import an intraocular diffractive lens design from Zemax OpticStudio® into VirtualLab Fusion, model it with the actual binary structure, and optimize the structure height for better performance.

Import Optical Systems from Zemax OpticStudio

VirtualLab Fusion allows the import of optical systems with the full 3D position information and glasses from Zemax OpticStudio®, and provides field tracing for further investigation of the imported system.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version