VirtualLab Fusion Training Courses

Learn from our optical engineering experts how to use VirtualLab Fusion efficiently. Register for both courses or only one, depending on your previous experience working with VirtualLab Fusion.

Since numerous new features are included in our VirtualLab Fusion Winter Release 2019, these courses would be interesting for current users as well.

USA | 10 – 13 February 2020

Part 1: Introduction to VirtualLab Fusion

The first camp presents the idea of how to discover essential physical-optics effects and phenomena in modern optical systems and how to include them in your modeling and design. We will dive right into the software with hands-on exercises on typical applications accompanied by the corresponding workflows. After the course you will be able to build up your optical system and perform an analysis and design thereof being familiar with different modeling technologies and optimization tools in VirtualLab Fusion.

San Jose, CA, USA | 10 – 11 February

Part 2: Gratings and Diffractive Lenses

During the second camp of the training, you will get an overview of different applications of diffractive optics. After completing this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the theory and use of modeling techniques for gratings and diffractive lenses in VirtualLab Fusion. We will provide you with hands-on workflows on the modeling and design in VirtualLab Fusion of various types of gratings, including blazed, binary (also slanted), holographic, and metagratings for different applications. You will be able to perform an analysis of complete optical systems which include gratings and diffractive lenses.

San Jose, CA, USA | 12 – 13 February

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