VirtualLab Fusion Training Course

Jena, Germany - September

Learn from our optical engineering experts how to use VirtualLab Fusion efficiently. Register for both courses or only one, depending on your own previous experience working with VirtualLab.

24- 25 September 2018

Part 1: Introduction to VirtualLab Fusion

This software training gives an introduction to the principles of the innovative optical design methods of VirtualLab. Components of VirtualLab’s user interface are introduced and the different types of documents are discussed in detail. Participants learn step by step about components, sources and detectors in VirtualLab.

26–28 September 2018

Part 2: Analysis and Design of Diffractive and Micro-Optical Systems

Attendees at this software course develop their skills in modeling and analysis of micro-structured and diffractive optical components with refractive, diffractive and hybrid surfaces. Customized surface profiles and refractive index distributions will also be explained. The course covers the analysis of these components including diffraction and interference effects.

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