Using Volume Gratings as Angular Filters

Volume gratings, due to their high spectral and angular sensitivities, can, in turn, be designed to function as either spectral or angular filters. Following the work of K. Bang et al., we construct such volume gratings in VirtualLab Fusion and analyze their angular response. In comparison to traditional spatial filtering employing a 4-f system, volume gratings can be integrated in complex systems compactly. As an example, we use a volume grating to suppress the higher diffraction orders of a DOE and demonstrate the effect.

Angular-Filtering Volume Gratings for Suppressing Higher Diffraction Orders

We construct an angular-filtering volume grating and apply it in a system to suppress the undesired higher diffraction orders from a beam splitting DOE.

Modeling of Gratings within Optical System – Discussion at Examples

With the help of typical examples, we explain how to model gratings within systems and discuss topics like alignment of gratings, grating order selection, and angular response setting.

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