Using C# Modules for Customized Calculation

C# modules in VirtualLab Fusion give total freedom to the user for different calculation purposes. They can be implemented fast for relatively simple tasks based on given formulas while, at the same time, the C# module retains the capacity to interact with typical documents inside VirtualLab Fusion. For example, we demonstrate how to realize the grating period calculation (based on a given formula) for lightguide coupling in a C# module, as well as the computation of the deviation between two fields inside VirtualLab Fusion.

Module for Grating Period Calculation for Lightguide Coupling

A module in VirtualLab Fusion is generated to calculate the range of the period of a coupling grating, so as to fulfill the guiding condition of lightguides.

Programming a Module That Computes the Standard Deviation

Gauging the accuracy of a given result is fundamental in science and engineering. In this use case we show you how to program a module to compute the standard deviation between two fields.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version