Tightly Focused Light

How to focus light into an ever-smaller spot is an ever-present question in the optics community. Various approaches with the aim to focus light tightly have been developed, particularly of late. Investigation of light focusing under a high-NA configuration often requires fully vectorial electromagnetic simulation techniques. We demonstrate, using the software VirtualLab Fusion, how different polarization states (e.g. radial) and aperture shapes (e.g. annular) may influence the electromagnetic field in the focal region. Such analyzes can be done either with idealized lenses, or with real lenses with explicit structure and material information.

Tight Focusing of Variously Polarized Beams by an Aplanatic Lens

The aplanatic lens model in VirtualLab Fusion provides an easy way to analyze the focusing effects of variously polarized vectorial fields with apertures of different shapes.

Analyzing High-NA Objective Lens Focusing

High-NA objective lenses are widely used in optical lithography, microscopy, etc. Consideration of the vectorial nature of light in the simulation of such focusing systems is of great importance.

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Download free trial version