Thermal Lens and Stress-Induced Birefringence

It is vital in design to be able to include in your simulation not only those properties or components that play an intentional, wanted role in the system, but also, and with particular care, those effects which have the potential to interfere with its intended purpose, in order to quantify and, if possible, avoid them.


Below we show two examples of VirtualLab’s potential in this area: all thanks to its fast and accurate approach, and an interface that allows you both to import measured data (from, e.g., ANSYS) or to include the effects via readily available or customized mathematical models.

Gaussian Beam Focused by a Thermal Lens

The variation of the focal length due to thermal lens effect and the changes of focal spot diameter are demonstrated with respect to the input laser power.

Stress-Induced Birefringence in Laser Crystals

The stress-induced birefringence in a YAG crystal is investigated, by examining the change of output field with respect to the strength of stresses.

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Download free trial version