Temporal Coherence Measurement

Michelson interferometers and their variations can often be used for temporal-coherence or spectrum measurement for given light sources. In VirtualLab Fusion, with the flexibility in source modelling that said software provides various types of spectra with limited bandwidth can be set up. As an example, we demonstrate how to apply this source-model concept in a Michelson interferometer, vary the path length of one of the interferometer arms with the Parameter Run, and visualize how the coherence property of the source influences the resulting fringe pattern.

Temporal Coherence Measurement using Michelson

It is demonstrated that the fringe contrast in a Michelson interferometer with a light source of certain bandwidth varies when the optical path difference changes.

Usage of Parameter Run

Using the Parameter Run in VirtualLab Fusion, one can specify the varying range of selected parameters flexibly, so as to perform system analysis, e.g. tolerancing.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version