Spectral and Angular Sensitivity of Special Gratings

Special grating designs enable the engineering of their properties. For example, holographic volume gratings and resonant waveguide gratings are well known for their sensitivity with respect to wavelength and incidence angle. Due to such properties, they are often applied in optical metrology. We analyze these two types of gratings in VirtualLab Fusion, particularly, by checking their spectral and angular sensitivity.

Rigorous Simulation of Holographic Generated Volume Grating

A holographic volume grating is analyzed using the Fourier modal method. Both the spectral and angular properties are presented.

Rigorous Analysis of Resonant Waveguide Gratings

We apply the Fourier modal method (FMM/RCWA) within VirtualLab Fusion to analyze resonant waveguide gratings rigorously and demonstrate how to check the resonant effects with focused Gaussian beams.

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