Single-Molecule Imaging with Fourier Microscopy

Fourier microscopy, in contrast to traditional imaging techniques, enables the direct observation of the spatial frequency distribution. Therefore, it is nowadays widely used for e.g. surface-plasma observation, photonic-crystal imaging, and so on. With VirtualLab Fusion, we model a complete Fourier microscope system and use it for single-molecule imaging. Specifically, we demonstrate the influence of several physical-optics effects, including the Fresnel loss at each optical interface and the diffraction from lens apertures.

Single Molecule Imaging by Fourier Microscopy

We model a complete high-NA Fourier microscope system for single-molecule imaging. Especially, we show the effect from e.g. Fresnel losses, diffraction due to apertures, and compare the simulation results against a reference.

Analyzing High-NA Objective Lens Focusing

High-NA objective lenses are widely used in optical lithography, microscopy, etc. Consideration of the vectorial nature of light in the simulation of the focusing is of great importance.

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Download free trial version