Simultaneous Spatial and Temporal Focusing (SSTF)

For applications in the area of ultrashort pulse laser technologies, where the properties of the field must be controlled in both the space and time domains, “Simultaneous Spatial and Temporal Focusing” (SSTF) is a frequently used technique. Such setups often lead to spatiotemporal effects like the pulse front tilt. We built a commonly used SSTF setup to investigate the spatiotemporal behavior of the field in the focus and the effects of various system parameters on the resulting pulse front tilt.

Pulse Front Tilt in SSTF Setups

In this use case we demonstrate the characteristics of an ideal SSTF setup, including chirp and its effects on the pulse front tilt.

Grating Stretcher for Ultrashort Pulses

We set up a pulse stretcher consisting of two diffractive gratings and investigate the pulse broadening effect induced by the interaction of the pulse with the gratings.

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