Simulating Complex Sources using Multiple Source Modes

In the areas of illumination and imaging the simulation of complex source models like light source arrays or extended sources is necessary for many different applications.

We therefore want to demonstrate a new feature from the latest VirtualLab Fusion release (2021.1) which enables the configuration of such kind of sources through the definition and combination of different source modes. The modes can be configured as coherent or incoherent to each other to allow for the modeling of either fully coherent, fully incoherent or partially coherent sources.

Simulation of Multiple Light Source

This document demonstrates the use of the Multiple Light Source in VirtualLab Fusion and shows various examples of situations in which it might be useful.

Demonstration of van Cittert-Zernike Theorem

In this document, we investigate Young’s double-slit setup with an extended, partially coherent source, and demonstrate the van Cittert-Zernike theorem.

Expand your Capabilities by Adding the Light Guide Toolbox

Expand your Capabilities by Adding the Light Guide Toolbox